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The Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator
  • Heat: Thermal Fluence
  • Blast: Static and Dynamic Overpressure
  • Radiation: Initial & Fallout
  • Cratering
  • Free-Air Burst
  • Air Burst
  • Surface Burst
  • Subsurface Burst

Compare effects from 13 different weapon types with yields from 0.1kT to 25MT.

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Welcome to NuclearWinter.com, soon to be your one stop shopping site for all of your nuclear weapon information needs.

This site is dedicated to providing the highest quality information about nuclear weapons, their effects, and their uses. The NUKE'O'TRON weapon effects calculator will allow you to explore the limits of nuclear explosions. Get answers to your nuclear questions. How much damage? How much radiation? How much heat? What will happen to me?

Nuclear weapons are a very important part of our world today. Whether you love'em or hate'em you can not deny their importance. With new nuclear powers joining the elite club it is more important than ever that we truly understand nuclear weapons and their effects.

The politics of nuclear weapons are, perhaps, more frightening than the weapons themselves. When you are asked to sign an anti-nuclear petition you had better know the facts first. When you vote in local, state, and federal elections you had better know the facts. When your nation's leaders make military decisions involving nuclear weapons you had better know the facts before you voice your support or condemnation.

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Who is NuclearWinter.com? Well, it's just me, Larkin Lowrey. I get irritated by the popular myth that nuclear war would be the end of the world. If World War III had really happened there would have been a heck of a lot of people standing around feeling pretty stupid about not preparing. If it were to have been the end of the world it would only be because of the lack of understanding about nuclear weapons that is so common.

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